Mixture of stabilised and additive Hydrogen peroxide with polyquaternary and silver nanotechnology based Biocide. It exercises a strong oxidant action on the organic substances found in the water. For swimming pools of all sizes.

It does not require the use of particular measures in the move from the traditional system to the No Chlor system. It is efficient and safe and makes the water crystalline.

The Barchemicals Laboratories have set up a revolutionary system that is simple and effective to use, for the treatment of swimming pool water with no Chlorine and with an Active Oxygen base. In a single product, BAR-O-DUE Ag+, we have simultaneously a strong nascent oxygen based oxidant, a strong, long chain polyquaternary ammonia salt based biocide and Silver Nanoparticle which, thanks to a strong germicide and bacteriostatic agent, strengthen the product’s efficiency to its maximum potential. The BAR-O-DUE Ag+ buffered pH stabilises the level of pH in your swimming pool, reducing the consumption of acid. All that is needed is an initial impact treatment with BAR-O-DUE Ag+ and BARCIL PLUS and low daily doses to keep the water in your swimming pool clean and clear throughout the season.

Initial dose

Indoor Pools:

Initial dose: Add 0.5-1 L of BAR-O-DUE Ag+ or 1.5-3 L of BAR-O-DUE Ag+ 12%. 0.5 L of BARCIL PLUS, for every 10 m2 of water.

Outdoor Pools:

Initial dose: Add 1 L of BAR-O-DUE Ag+ or 3 L of BAR-O-DUE Ag+ 12%. 1 L of BARCIL PLUS, for every 10 m2 of water.

Maintenance doses

Maintenance doses: to keep the level of Oxygen active in the Tank between 10 and 20 ppm with temperatures lower than 25°C.

Bring the level to 30 ppm when the temperature exceed 25°C. Dose 1 litre for every 10m2 of water, on a monthly basis.








BAR-O-DUE Ag+ – Liquid oxygen

DR 10 L

400 l


BAR-O-DUE Ag+ 12% -Liquid *

DR 10 L

400 l

(*) Product not for professional use compliant with EU Regulation 98/2013.


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