BIOBASE is a descaler and exfoliant for damp surfaces. In porous textures of wet floors, due to the constantly fluctuating extreme temperatures and humidity, (hot-cold cycles and damp/dry cycles), soluble salts eventually crystallise. In this type of environment, mineral salt scaling becomes the visible sign of iotedeterioration, which, in most cases, becomes irreversible and develops a pathogenic biofilm. The use of formulations especially designed for the control and removal of salt crystals and formations controls decay and eliminates the risk of film formation, with significant pre-sanitising reconditioning action on damp surfaces.

Among the solutions to this problem, BIOBASE stands out for its low hazard and total biocompatibility compared with other products formulated with mineral acids (hydrochloric, phosphoric acid) or sulphamidic acid.

BIOBASE does not contain surfactants and relies on the known exfoliant properties of glycolic acid to remove the inorganic biofilm component.

BIOBASE is indicated for the scale removal of hard surfaces in damp environments (Spa pools, Whirlpools, Swimming areas, Pool edges, Heavy traffic pool floor surfaces, Changing rooms).

The action effectiveness is determined exclusively by the natural predisposition of Fruit Acids (AHA) to remove carbonates from their Calcium, Magnesium and Iron salts, with immediate and massive release of carbon dioxide, an effectiveness that is visibly demonstrated.

Calcium, Magnesium and Iron salts that form as a reaction with the fruit acids are completely water soluble.

BIOBASE does not contain surfactants, and it’s completely biodegradable. It relies on the known exfoliant properties of glycolic acid to remove the organic biofilm component (proteins, lipids).

The absence of detergents in the formulation, besides the obvious environmental advantages and easy rinse avoids the clouding effect typical of scale removers, with surfactant action determined by deposits of insoluble Calcium and Magnesium soaps on the surfaces.





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DR 10 LT

400 L