Sanitary hot water circuits and drinking waters

Hot sanitary water is certainly one of the circuits most likely to be receptacle and area of development of Legionella Pneumophila colonies.
Elements such as: Temperatures ranging from 20 to 60 ° C, the presence of accumulation points such as boilers or poorly used branches of the circuit, and above all the presence of calcareous encrustations alternated with organic mucilaginous deposits, are the ideal place for the development of Legionella.
The arrival of these bacterial colonies through the shower, which atomises the water itself, exposes people to a very high risk of contagion.
The philosophy of Barchemicals Treatment starts from the premise that first of all it is necessary to eliminate the areas where the legionella tends to “hide” and proliferate. For this reason, the Barchemicals Treatment provides, in addition to the use of Biocides (Biochlor or Biozono Ag+), also the use of products to prevent or remove mixed, inorganic and organic incrustations.
Finally, the combined use of the Smart Medical System apparatus, thanks to the catalytic action of the reactor in which the biocides are injected, enhances and amplifies the disinfecting power of these last ones.