Barchemicals Group has been operational for more than 30 years in the primary, drinking and swimming pool Water Treatment Industry with particular focus on the water treatment areas, control systems, measuring and automation.

One of its greatest success areas is environmental sanitizing and hard surface cleansing for which, over the years, it has provided a vast range of solutions for every kind of problem.

The aim of the hard surface cleansing is to get rid of as much pollution as possible on the surface in order to carry out as effective a disinfection as possible. Depending on the kind of dirt and the kind of surfaces, detergents with different physical – chemical characteristics are used that are always formulated to guarantee the best results with minimum impact on the surface being treated.

We can basically split the detergents into 4 categories:

  • Acid based detergents: suitable for breaking calcareous or inorganic type dirt;
  • Alkaline based detergents: suitable for degreasing surfaces covered in organic and protein-based dirt;
  • Neutral detergents: normally suitable for organic or protein-based dirts but simply perform a dissolving action though not always a disintegrating action on the dirt itself.
  • Solvent based detergents: normally these are only degreasers but some patented formulae like, for example, “MAGO”, can operate simultaneously as a degreaser and descaler thanks to a combined action of the solvent base and the acid or basic base.

Furthermore, the detergents must contain other extremely important substances such as surfactants which keep the dirt in suspension, anti-redeposition agents which prevent the deposition of scalings and corrosion inhibitors which reduce the aggressive effect of the detergents on the hard surfaces.

All the Barchemicals products meet these requirements, reducing costs and maintenance time.

In some cases the detergents even combine a powerful bactericide power, especially when the surfactant is cationic. The addition of colours, perfumes and other products serves to complete the effectiveness of the product itself.

A vast range of products for disinfecting and cleaning sports centres, swimming pools, gyms and spas



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