A water with pH corrector is essential so that the disinfectant product can be effective and to ensure a perfect transparency and disinfection of your swimming pool and to protect the health of those using the pool.
The pH manifests itself on a logarithmic scale of between 0 (high acidity) and 14 (high basicity).
Furthermore, a correct pH prevents the formation of scalings and makes the water less aggressive on the skin.
If the pH level is lower than 7, the water is acid, while if it is higher it is basic. When the pH equates to 7 we say that the water is neutral.
It is essential to check the pH every day and adjust it accordingly.
If possible, use an automatic control and dosing system into the piping.


Barchemicals pH correctors are obtained using ultra fine raw materials and are characterised by being buffered and free of heavy metals.
Barchemicals Group offers you all the products you need to regulate the pH and, like the alkaline and hardness regulators, prevent continuous oscillation.
In order to achieve proper disinfection of the swimming pool water, you need to keep the level of pH at between 7.0 and 7.4.
pH Imbalances lead to greater product consumption, water turbidity and eye and mucosa irritation in bathers.