When the summer season comes to an end, it is essential that the plants and pool are closed down properly in order to prevent them getting damaged during the winter months and in order to find the pool in perfect condition the following season.

In fact, even though a swimming pool is mainly used during the summer months, it should not be neglected during the colder periods.

Closing the summer swimming pool requires the enacting of various stages, thanks to which, starting up again the following year will be easier.

If correctly carried out, the closure ensures the filtering system lasts longer as does the equipment and parts, as well as the structure and covering.

The use of the Barchemicals laboratory formulated Winterizing product is essential for maintaining the Carbonates in solution and reducing the formation of biofilm and algae.

This way you prevent the deposition and layering of limescale on the pool walls which would result in the formation of a layer of scaling that would be difficult to remove when the pool is re-opened.

Furthermore, this layer of limescale would be an excellent aid to the formation of algae.

Closing the pool. Clean the bottom of the swimming pool, carry out a super chlorination with OXICLOR 10 EVOLUTION, proceed with the addition of BLU DELUXE (5 l / 100 m3) and add the WINTER P product in the recommended doses, leaving the pumps on for 24 hours. Thereafter, proceed by lowering the level of water under the skimmers (if there are any) by thoroughly washing the filters and, where possible, leaving them open and free of water. Fit the winter cover. This way the following Spring, it will be much easier to re-open the swimming pool again.



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